We regret, due to the misuse of the Chatroom by spammers advertising sexual content, we have taken steps to temporary suspend the service until further notice.
However, our members can still be contacted via their personal numbers*.
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Chat Room  

Java software  must be installed to view Chatroom and Profiles.

You must first create a user account to use the Chatroom. Once you have been  approved by the administrators you will gain access.

We have a system for our administrators and moderators which allows them to check IP addresses of everyone who enters the chat rooms. 

We do this to protect The Chatstation from porn spammers and potentially dangerous people. IP addresses are used to ban users who spam and cause problems.  


*All personal 070 numbers are not sex chatline numbers, mobile numbers nor premium rate numbers, they are for our members own personal use from this chatroom.

Any personal number (PN2) beginning with 07000 to 07099 are charged at 42.555p per minute + VAT from a BT landline.

Calls from other networks and from mobiles may be considerably higher.

Always remember if other services do not tell you the cost of calling their numbers, it may cost you more than you think. If you are calling from a mobile to 070 numbers, it will not be part of your free mobile minutes.

 If the person you are calling is away or busy, you will be diverted to an  alternative member where your call will be answered.

Unfortunately, The Chatstation does not accept withheld numbers, but you can get through by putting 1470 in front of the number you are dialing.

The Chatstation requests all users to view the Terms and Conditions and the Safety Tips Page . It is with understanding should a caller use the above Chatstation numbers, it is assumed that the caller has read and accepts the  Terms and Conditions  (click to view).


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