Basic safety tips for dating

Never give out any personal information whilst chatting online.

That means your real name, telephone or cell phone numbers, mailing address, passwords, banking details  etc.

Be on the lookout for strange behaviour or inconsistencies. Listen very carefully to your correspondent's words.

The person may not be who or what he/she says. Trust your instincts. If anything makes you feel may uncomfortable, walk away for your own safety and protection.

Safeguard your anonymity. Never include your last name, personal web site URL, home address, phone number, place of work, or any other identifying information in your initial e-mails you exchange with other person.

Stop communicating with anyone who pressures you for this information or attempts in any way to trick you into revealing it.

Take all the time you need to become comfortable with someone before revealing any personal contact information once the date has taken place.

Ask questions and make sure you are satisfied with the answers. Trust your instincts, move cautiously and be selective.

Exercise Caution and Common Sense. Careful, well-thought decisions generally lead to better results in dating, and this is certainly true with online dating too.

Guard against trusting the untrustworthy. Any potential date must earn your trust gradually, through consistently honourable, forthright behaviour. Your job is to take all the time you need to test for a trustworthy person, and pay careful attention along the way.

Take a relatively conservative approach to trusting anyone you meet online. If you think someone is lying, it is likely that they are, so act accordingly and inform us straight away.

Conduct yourself and your romances in a responsible manner. Don't fall in love at the click of a mouse.

The alcohol factor. Watch your alcohol intake, as well as your date's intake. You need to be clear-headed to make rational decisions should you need to. The last thing you want is the both of you passing out on the couches in the bar lounge.

Think safety first and arrange to meet in a public place that is well lit and has a good number of people around. Try a cool, casual  pizza joint or a laid-back cafť. A little noise is good -- it saves you from those awkward quiet moments.

Watch your drink.  Never, ever leave your drink unattended.  Even if you are getting a good vibe. If you do leave it, simply order a new one

Trust your gut feelings.  Get the impression your date's there for a one-night hook-up? Chances are, you're right.  We often talk ourselves out of warning signs, only to  regret it later. Some warning signs could be rudeness, inappropriate comments, touching, or you just have nothing in common. If you start to feel uncomfortable, make your way out of the date as respectfully as possible.

The first minutes. First impressions are everything. You're able to tell a lot by someone within the first few moments of interaction.  How they talk, what they say, how they say it and their body language can speak volumes.  In the first 10 minutes, you can get a sense of whether the individual is kind, considerate, confident, self-centred, reactive, egocentric, or controlling.

Don't expect too much.  Going in with expectations of meeting your soul mate or the man of your dreams can lead to disappointment. Easy connection is great about a first encounter. Sparks are rare. Go into it with plans to have fun and let things happen naturally.

So Remember

Always meet in a public place.

Make prior arrangements of the location and even call the venue telling them of your plans - if they person you are meeting is genuine they wont mind  you doing this.

Make your own way to the meeting Ė Donít accept a lift.

Tell someone who, when and where you are meeting your correspondent - you could ask them to call you on your mobile (borrow one if you donít have one)  say 15 minutes into the date so if you do not feel safe you can make an excuse and leave right away.

Do not give out your full name, address, telephone number, work address until you are confident about your correspondent.

If you have any doubts whatsoever then donít meet them and stop talking to them and inform us right away.

It must be understood that the owners of  The Chatstation are not held responsible or take any liability for any arrangements by the members.

Should you make any arrangements it it wise to make courtesy calls prior to a meeting, to save any embarrassment or costs.




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